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Civic Meetings 2017 start the 1st Tuesday's of each month with the exceptions of June, July, August & January








          Budget Meeting June 6th 2017

                             7:30 PM



To the Concerned Citizens of Brookside - As you all know, there was a budget meeting held last night at the community building, was supposed to begin at 7:30pm.  Unfortunately none of the Concerned Citizens (except one) bothered to show.  Of 1339 homes, only one resident bothered to come and find out what was spent in 2016-2017 budget, what the 2017-2018 budget was going to look like.  Considering so many of you are "concerned" we were very surprised at the lack of participation.  I remained at the building until 8:40 pm with another board member and yet still no one showed.

Thank you for your interest in our community - next budget meeting will be June 2018












Time for a little good news!  So far we have collected from approximately 61% of residents member dues as of June 2.
Total received so far - $44,500.00,  If every homeowner paid their dues - we would collect $73,645.00 (without interest and penalties) of which we budget for approx 80%.  
For comparison, in the prior years we have collected in the same time period as follows:
63% 2016
35% 2015
59% 2014
42% 2013
43% 2012
44% 2011
23% 2010
So we are a bit behind from last year in the first month, but as you can see we have definitely increased payments in the first month by quite a large margin over the years..